HP laserjet P1005 Driver Software FREE Download

HP laserjet P1005 Driver Software is totally FREE and available download for Windows 11 (older version), MacOS Ventura, Monterey, BigSur (older version).

HP laserjet P1005 Driver Software FREE Download
HP laserjet P1005

Download Information – HP laserjet P1005

HP and Brother have always fought over who can build the best monochrome laser printer for your budget. Brother has reigned as champion ever since his LaserJet 1020 from HP took on Brother’s HL-2040. With his new LaserJet P1005, HP is about to claim the crown for Brother’s updated HL-2140. But HP’s efforts fall short, as Brother machines handle faster print times and better consumable costs.

Nevertheless, HP has put a lot of effort into it. Simplicity is key to the monolaser, and the P1005 certainly succeeds at that. The printer’s footprint is small, even for black and white laser printers, so it fits easily in tight spaces. However, there are trade-offs. Brother’s HL-2140 can hold 250 pages in a lockable paper tray, while the P1005 fits a relatively small 150 pages in a tray that must remain open during use.

After install Driver Printer HP laserjet P1005 you must connec to USB 2.0. We wanted to use an Ethernet connection for home networks and small offices, but given the printer’s starting price, the inclusion is certainly justified. Given that the P1005 is head-to-head with his HL-2140, it’s no surprise that the Ethernet connection is reserved for the more expensive models.

Easy Replace Ink

Replacing HP laserjet P1005 toner is easy and follows the same method as Canon’s Laser Shot LBP 3100B – lift the output tray to load toner. The P1005 runs at an average of 6c per side, slightly more expensive than the HL-2140’s 4.8c per side, but still affordable.

Install FREE Driver HP laserjet P1005 to RUN the fastest P1005 can only process 15 pages per minute. Most laser printers do not have a 300 dpi draft mode. While speed is adequate for 600 dpi printing, this device is not suitable for situations where speed is more important than quality. Fortunately, printing at 1200 dpi isn’t too slow. This setting averages 12 ppm. These speeds are unmatched by similarly priced inkjet printers, but are easily surpassed by Brother printers.

Excellent Text

The text is relatively bolder than the HL-2140, but it’s clean with no noticeable issues. This makes the text a little blurry in dense documents. We prefer Brother’s print quality, but both are more than adequate for standard use.

Download HP laserjet P1005 Driver Software FREE!

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