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HP laserjet P1008 Driver Software FREE Download

HP laserjet P1008 Driver Software is totally FREE and available download for Windows 11, MacOS Ventura, Monterey, BigSur (older version).

HP laserjet P1008 Driver Software FREE Download
HP laserjet P1008

Driver Information – HP laserjet P1008

Hewlett Packard is a well-known name in the multinational information technology company. Hewlett Packard aka HP developed its first LaserJet printer in 1984. The main reason behind the popularity of these printers from HP is that they are affordable and make excellent products with speed. speed. Today, when we talk about printers, HP is the first name that comes to mind. Here we take a look at the HP LaserJet P1008 printer and also talk about its strengths and weaknesses.

Feature – HP laserjet P1008

The HP LaserJet P1008 is the successor to the HP LaserJet P1007 that unlocks the possibility of laser printing at home and in the office in just a few taps. If you have an office job where you frequently need printouts, then you must try this amazing printer that can print over 300 sheets of paper in a single ink roll or ink bag. It is very simple to use without any problems. No extraordinary skill is required to use the HP LaserJet P1008. If you are an office worker, this is very suitable for you and also your job. This powerful printer can be fully trusted for its print quality.

The HP LaserJet P1008 is a reliable printer that can easily print 16 A4 pages in just one minute, and printing the first page will take just 3-8 seconds. This powerful printer has a capacity of 160 pages in a paper tray and is equipped with 8 megabytes of memory.

When we talk about resolution, the HP LaserJet P1008 has a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi unlike other printers in the price range. It is also equipped with ten-sheet multipurpose trays and also has USB cable support for commands.

When the LaserJet P1008 was launched worldwide, it was one of the best printers in its price range. But now it is not comparable with the latest printers. This printer has many negatives, including lack of support for scanning, copying, wireless networking (Wi-Fi), memory card slot and display screen. Today, virtually all printers equipped with these features are not available on the HP LaserJet P1008 in this price range.

FREE HP laserjet P1008 Driver for Windows & MacOS

Driver Printer HP laserjet P1008 for Windows

Driver for MacOS

OS for download HP LaserJet P1008 Printer Driver

The Driver HP LaserJet P1008 is fully compatible with computers running Windows 12, Windows 11. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2000 to Server 2016, Mac OS. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit architecture-based processors of Windows and also Mac.

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