Download Remix OS 32 / 64-bit (2023 New Version)

Download Remix OS 32 / 64-bit (2023 New Version). Android is a mobile surgical system as well as a very well-known one. Especially lately, there are some hardware manufacturers who are planning to release some mini-PCs that already use Android as their main OS.

Download Remix OS 32 / 64-bit (2023 New Version)
Remix OS

Download Information for Remix OS 32 / 64-bit (2023)

It’s just that we can enjoy the new Android operating system through mobile features only, on the contrary, for use on a PC or laptop, we still haven’t found it. But for those of you who want to enjoy all Android applications on your laptop, don’t be afraid because currently there is a software that can help you realize this will, is Remix OS.

Remix OS is an operating system that allows a person to perform an Android surgical system on a PC computer. Surely this matter responds to the willingness of many people who want to enjoy Android and its applications through the Computer. With Remix OS 2023 you can also download and install all applications on the Playstore via your computer.


For those of you who often use Instagram for business purposes, for example, you must feel very troublesome if you manage your articles via a smartphone. If you use a computer, editing articles is much more productive than just using a smartphone. For this reason, this application was created, and not just Instagram, all applications that you usually run on smartphones can be enjoyed with your laptop.

To combine Windows and Android you can download Remix OS FREE 32 64-bit. With this application you want to feel the comfort of using the Android OS but always functional like using the Windows OS. In other words, this soft feature can share a combination or mix experience between desktop OS and mobile OS.

Download NEW Remix OS 32 / 64-bit 2023 Update


Differences between Remix OS and Android

Remix OS has some Android modifications so that it can be used on pc. U some modified Android features, including:

  • Multitasking, is that you can open some windows like windows.
  • Taskbar.
  • Context menu, (right-click), makes it easier to access various options on the computer.
  • Support keyboard & mouse, make input feature easier than touch screen.
  • Support large dimensions and hybrid monitor screens.
  • Start Menu.
  • PC-style File Manager.
  • Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+ S, Ctrl+ C etc.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office( thanks to the Android type MS Office).
  • Install the app via the Play Store.

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