Download Peace Equalizer 2024 New Version FREE!

Download and make Peace Equalizer as your music tools in 2024, the Peace Equalizer is available download for Windows 12, Windows 11, Windows 10 (older version).

Download Peace Equalizer 2024 New Version FREE!
Peace Equalizer

Download Information – Peace Equalizer 2024

Peace Equalizer is a program that is designed for those who can work in the music industry on a small scale, for those who generally control the EQ of the audio quality contained in the Speaker. The Peace Equalizer 2024 download has quite a lot of excellent features that can be used to support sound quality on a small to medium scale.

It could be that some of you are using Computer support features such as Speakers, this feature is often used for bonus trinkets which act as loudspeakers with much more comfortable support. Generally, because the quality of the speakers contained in the computer is not that clear. Until then, there are many people who sort out to buy and use bonus Speakers.

However, often the sound produced does not match the will. This could be because it is not set in advance, while the Speaker can be set so that the sound produced matches what is expected. Well, you can use Peace Equalizer for these needs.


By download Peace Equalizer new version 2024 you can adjust the EQ quality of the audio in a PC. Actually, without using additional speakers, you can still use this Peace Equalizer.


You’ve already configured your EQ and want to keep it? Don’t worry, you can easily save the settings that were set earlier by using the Peace Equalizer through the Presets feature.

Automatic Start

Using Peace Equalizer itself will not be as difficult as you might think, this program can work well even when you want to play an audio. Peace Equalizer can work automatically.

Support Headphone

Not only does it support pairing with Speakers, for those of you who have a Headphone device you can also use the EQ setting earlier to the Headphones and experience the audio quality directly.


There is a UI that allows you to be able to set the EQ in some types of Headphones that have been connected.

Free Presets

There are several types of presets available automatically, you can choose them according to the genre of music you want to listen to ranging from Dance, Rock, Classic, to Bass Boost.

Peace Equalizer 2024 New Version FREE download!


System requirements for Download Peace Equalizer in 2024

Peace Equalizer FREE! supports for Windows 12, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP include 32-64 bit.

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