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Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 Release Date – You’re either a Windows 11 fan or a hater who sticks to Windows 10. I won’t tell you which one I am, but I will say that I don’t like putting the taskbar in the corner … and that’s it. all I will say.

Just as we were getting used to Windows 11 and the operating system was having a good user experience within the ecosystem, here comes Windows 12 to shake things up.

Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 Release Date

According to rumours, Windows 12 will begin to be introduced on d next year, and will bring new features such as the mobile taskbar.

Microsoft Announces October 2025 Date For Windows 10 End Of Support

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about Windows 12 this year. Although Microsoft has not officially confirmed its existence, there have been several hints indicating its development.

One of the hints at the Build 2023 developer conference came in the form of a video clip referring to the “next age” of Windows. It is assumed that it refers to Windows 12 and, hopefully, is not completely clouded Windows 11.

Microsoft has also hinted at a “Next Valley Prototype Design,” said to be code for the next generation of Windows.

Windows Latest notes that Microsoft accidentally teased a version of its operating system with a floating taskbar at the company’s Ignite 2023 conference. It is believed to be part of an internal test to explore new design changes for the upcoming Windows.

Windows 12: Expected Release Date And The Latest Rumors

Windows 12 rumored to arrive fall 2024 with floating taskbar and AI focus https://t.co/aHzvXjIOHZ pic.twitter.com/MpFWFEtc3I — TechSpot (@TechSpot) July 6, 2023

According to rumors, Microsoft plans to release Windows 12 in the third quarter of 2024, followed by a wider release in 2025, similar to what they did with Windows 11 in 2021.

In early March, it was reported that Intel, and possibly AMD, were partnering with Microsoft to provide advanced artificial intelligence capabilities for Windows. This is not surprising given the direction the industry is taking.

Windows 12 Release Date

Ironically, we are discussing Windows 12 at a time when Windows 11 is starting to gain traction among PC users. Last month, its global market share reached an all-time high of nearly 24%, although Windows 10 still leads with 71%.

Did Microsoft Accidentally Leak The Next Version Of Windows Windows 12 Rjv

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Journalist specializing in technology, termt and video games. Writing about what I love most (devices, games and movies) allows me to stay sane and wake up with a smile on my face when the alarm clock goes off. PS: this is not true 100% of the time Do you want to know what new features and updates Windows 12 will introduce? We’ve gathered all the rumored information about the upcoming Windows update to help you out.

Windows 11 debuted more than two years ago and caused mixed reactions among users. Although Microsoft has tried to improve the OS with several updates, it still has problems.

However, if leaks and rumors are any indication, the next big Windows update – Windows 12 – will fix existing problems and add many new features.

Windows 12 Could Be Released As Soon As June 2024, Dropping Alongside New

There has been no official confirmation from Microsoft about Windows 12 but reports suggest that a new update of the Operating System will be announced sometime next year. It may bring a UI redesign and loads of new AI features.

Microsoft is said to be working hard on the development of Windows 12 but there is currently no official release date. In the longer term, reports have suggested that the latest version will be released sometime in 2024.

A recent report from a Taiwanese financial paper now claims that Windows 12 could be announced in June 2024. Although no direct citations are provided, the publication links this to a recent statement from Quanta Chairman Lin Baili, who said:

Windows 12 Release Date

“Next term, when Microsoft launches a new generation of Windows operating systems, AI computers will also be launched one by one.”

Windows 12 Coming Soon

This report confirms an earlier article from Windows Central, which claims that Microsoft now plans to ship major versions of Windows every three years, with the next version currently scheduled for the second half of 2024.

Windows 12 may debut with a number of unique new features that should set it apart from Windows 11. Some of these new features are said to include a new UI design that will look similar to MacOS UI.

The new UI architecture is called Next Valley. This redesign is said to move the widget tab and notification areas on the taskbar to specific areas in the upper left and right corners of the screen, respectively. The taskbar itself changes to a floating design, allowing the desktop background to extend to the left, right and bottom edges of the taskbar.

The search icon on the taskbar also appears to have been moved to the top center, making room for more icons.

Windows 12 Is On The Way

Apart from the design changes, Microsoft is also said to have introduced a bunch of new AI features. This should come as no surprise as the Redmond company is committed to integrating AI into its services.

Microsoft has already added new AI features to Windows 11 with the latest 23H2 update. The new AI assistant Copilot replaces Cortana and works similarly to ChatGPT or Bard. There are also features in Paint that allow you to remove the background of an image or render an image by entering text.

Windows 12 will take Microsoft’s AI efforts even further. According to reports, the new version will be able to look at what you’re doing on your screen and suggest suggestions to help you get started with projects or apps based on what you’re working on.

Windows 12 Release Date

Windows can also recognize objects and text within images and let you easily cut and paste those elements elsewhere. For example, if you have an image from a document that contains text, Windows can recognize the text and let you copy and paste it into another document.

Microsoft Begins Shipping Windows 11 23h2 To Oems

Your computer must meet certain minimum system requirements to be able to install Windows 12. These requirements may be the same as, or similar to, the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

Earlier this year, a Deskmodder report noted a nice list of the minimum requirements expected for a Windows 12 installation. The new Windows will use the same TPM Trusted Platform Module 2.0 for its crypto-processor security.

Other hardware specifications could include 8GB of RAM, which would be a huge improvement over Windows 12, doubling the capacity of Windows 11. Storage requirements could remain the same at 64GB. However, Microsoft may abandon hard disk drives (HDDs) in favor of solid state drives (SSDs) for software installation.

Although it looks like a new version of Windows will be coming out next year, we still don’t know much about it. Microsoft has not even said whether they will call it Windows 12 or something else. But based on the leaks and rumors we’ve heard so far, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty big update. Of course, you should take all this with a grain of salt until Microsoft makes an official announcement. According to a recent report from Windows Latest, the highly anticipated Windows 12 will be released in the summer of 2024. Among the notable updates. , users can expect the introduction of a floating taskbar and a variety of AI features.

Windows 12: Release Date, Features, And Everything We Know

It has been revealed that only a fraction of users will initially receive the Windows 12 update by the end of 2024. The major distribution of the new operating system is expected to take place throughout the year 2025.

One of the most important changes will be the introduction of a new desktop with a sort of floating taskbar. According to the source, Microsoft wants to make the taskbar appear to float above the desktop by separating it from the desktop and rotating the corners. Microsoft is also upgrading Windows 12 for ARM processors and adding some features based on artificial intelligence.

At the same time, the company has not decided on the final list of innovations and is exploring the possibility of adding some options. This also applies to the floating taskbar.

Windows 12 Release Date

Reports suggest that Windows 12 will implement stricter system requirements. In particular, the new operating system will require at least 8 GB of RAM, compared to the requirement of 4 GB in Windows 11. However, the processor specifications will remain unchanged, and the 64-bit chips operating at a frequency of at least 1000 megahertz .continue to meet demand.

Intel Hints At Windows 12 Launch Date In 2024

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