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How to Create A System Restore Point in Windows 11

How to Create A System Restore Point in Windows 11 is a clear tutorial based on my experience. Windows 11 has a great System Restore feature that lets you return your PC to its original state and restore your data and settings in case something goes wrong. For example, if your PC is responding because you uninstalled some programs from Windows 11 and accidentally deleted some system apps, you can easily get your PC back to working condition.

If your internet stops working after editing the hosts file in Windows 11, you can use Windows 11 System Restore to roll back your computer to an earlier date. In all these scenarios, the System Restore feature works miraculously, returning your Windows 11 PC to a working state. This article provides a detailed guide on how to create restore points and use system restore in Windows 11.

Before you do any system-wide changes like debooting Windows 11 or applying registry hacks in Windows 11, remember to create a restore point to protect your data. If something breaks or your PC crashes, you can use Windows 11’s System Restore feature to restore your PC to an earlier date. How to create a restore point in Windows 11.

Totorial Create A System Restore Point in Windows 11

  • Click the Windows Start button and type: Create a restore point.
How to Create A System Restore Point in Windows 11
  • Under Best Match, click Create Recovery Point.
  • In the System Properties window that appears, click the Create button.
Windows 11 System Properties

If the drive where Windows is installed has protection shown as Off, first enable protection by clicking the Configure button and then create a restore point.

  • Then enter a name for the restore point and click Create.
Windows 11 Restore points

Use a meaningful name that helps you remember why this recovery point was created. In addition to creating a backup, creating a restore point before any major update is a must. In case of system problems later, you can restore the selected restore point.

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