Download Windows 12 ISO 32-64 Bit FREE

Download Windows 12 ISO 32-64 Bit Update FREE. Windows 12 is the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft. It looks like microsoft will make windows 12 look the same as macOS, you can read more below!

Download Windows 12 ISO 32-64 Bit FREE
Windows 12

Windows 12 Looks Like MacOS

Download ISO 32 or 64 Bit to install Windows 12 as the newest microsoft OS. The appearance of the OS, which is said to be called Windows 12, was leaked directly by Microsoft at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 event which was held some time ago. Microsoft did not mention clearly whether the display it exhibited was the appearance of the Windows 12 OS or not.

That is, it is not impossible that the appearance of the OS they exhibited in Microsoft Ignite 2022 is the design of Windows 12. Because, when compared to the appearance of Windows 11, there are indeed differences.

Although at first glance it looks similar to Windows 11, Windows 12 will seem to resemble the MacOS design more. You could say so because the OS will come with one new design, namely a transparent taskbar that will decorate the top of the desktop screen, as shown in the image above.

Just like MacOS which has a taskbar at the top of the desktop, this Windows 12 taskbar contains information on the date, time, hour, battery, WiFi, and so on.

When will Windows 12 be released?

According to reports, the coming major interpretation of Windows is going to launch at some point in 2024, roughly three times after Windows 11’s debut. That is all we really have right now, and it might be a while before we’ve any furtherinformation.

Download ISO image file first then upgrade your PC to Windows 12 32 bit or 64 bit. However, Windows 12 should arrive in the fall, or at least the alternate half of the time, If once releases are any suggestion. Microsoft has denied the reports that it’s working on Windows 12, but considering we are still some time down from its launch, the company could simply be holding its cards near to its casket.

In the meantime, Windows 11 will keep getting updates, and occasionally, it may get some new features, so it will not feel like the operating system is banal. Windows 11 interpretation 22H2 was released in September with a lot of new features including launch menu flyers and new touch gestures, for illustration.

Still, you will probably see Windows 12 features show up gradationally over the coming two times, though Microsoft will probably keep labeling them as Windows 11 features until we are much near to the release date, If you are in the Windows Insider Program.

is Windows 12 ISO FREE Download?

One of the big questions you are likely to have is whether you will have to pay to upgrade to Windows 12 when( and if) it releases, but thankfully, that is doubtful. Microsoft has been set on offering major Windows updates for free to being Windows druggies for a many times now, and it only makes sense for that to continue.

Of course, Windows 12 itself probably will not be free, so if you do not have a Windows license at each, you are still going to have to buy it.

What is ISO file download of Windows 12?

In addition, Will microsoft release an ISO version of Windows 12 32-64 bit for us to be able to download and install it like windows 11?

ISO files, generally known as ISO image files, is one of the storehouse formats of CD or DVD Mirror on computers. Because it’s a files stored according to ISO- 9660 standard for the CD- ROM files system, it’s generally named with ISO.

ISO is a complete dupe of CD-ROM information, which must be loaded using special virtual CD-ROM drive software. fully downloadable operating systems, including Windows 12 which was also released as an ISO version, you can download and install Windows 12 just like using ISO windows 11 and windows 10.

You’re allowed to download Windows 12 ISO from Microsoft’s sanctioned website. Also, you can download and burn ISO into a DVD/ CD, produce an installation media on a USB drive to upgrade your PC, or install Windows 12 on a different PC.

Download Windows 12 ISO 32-64 bit (Installer FREE)


Requirement for Download ISO Windows 12

  • Minimum i5 Processor of Intel or AMD processor with 1 GHZ Clock Speed is required.
  • Minimum 4GB RAM is Required for Windows 12. 256 GB and above Hard Disk Storage.
  • 13 Inches or above HD Screen.
  • Stable Internet Connection Secure Boot Enabled System TPM Enabled System.


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