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Download MPlayerX for Mac 2024 Latest Version

Download MPlayerX as your multi media player software for Mac in 2024. The MPlayer is available download for macOS Ventura, Monterey, BigSur and all mac older version.

Download MplayerX for Mac 2024 Latest Version

Download Information – New MPlayerX 2024 for Mac

All in One

Just drop anything to MPlayerX, it will give you a clear and smooth playback. The MPlayerX is armed by FFmpeg and MPlayer, which means it could handle many media formats in the world without extra plugins.

Download MPlayerX & Dance on your fingers in 2024

MPlayerX provides you the easiest way to control the playback like Pinch, tap or swipe. Don’t have to remember the keyboard shortcuts or move the cursor among the buttons, MPlayerX will follow your gestures.

Supports Any subtitle

With MplayerX for Mac 2024 Download you can detect and convert the encoding method of the subtitle file automatically and seamlessly. Not only Latins, but also Eastern Asian languages like Arab language and Hebrew.

Play Online

MPlayerX seamlessly plays your favorite video on most popular online platfoms like youtube, vimeo, and snack video, twitter and more.

What New

  • New : Add font fallback mechanism.
  • New : Compatibility with youtube.
  • Preference : Show current time when paused (hidden setting).
  • Fix : Pixelation in some mts files.
  • Fix : Compatibility with RemoteBuddy.
  • Fix : Some usability fixes.
  • Localization : Add Portuguese Brazil & Swedish.

MPlayerX 2024 FREE Download for Mac


System requirements for download MPlayerX 2024 for Mac

The MPLayerX supports 64-bit Intel CPU, Mac OS X 10.7, Mojave, Catalina, BigSur, Monterey and Ventura (macOS 13.0).

Turn Off Hardware Accelerated Decoder (HAD)

Download MplayerX 2024 for Mac that supports to decode the video with Hardware Accelerated Decoder. This feature uses your modern GPU to decode video frame. So that free your mac CPU for other tasks and decrease the power consumption in the meantime.

Currently, there is no easy way to turn on/off the Hardware Accelerator Decoder. HAD must always be enabled and must be transparent to the user. However, the development on HAD is still in the preliminary stage, sometimes HAD may fail to decode the frame and even cause MPlayerX’s error.

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