Download Maryfi 2024 NEW Version for Windows

The Maryfi 2024 is a free windows software download that support for Windows 7 drivers and also support on Windows 8 and windows 10 as I tested.

Maryfi 2024 for Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Download Information – Maryfi 2024

Maryfi is a product created by MarySoft. This site is not straight affiliated with MaryFi. All hallmarks, registered hallmarks, item names and also business names or logos stated here are the residential property of their corresponding proprietors.

Setup Maryfi before starting on your PC

After download and install Maryfi 2024 as well as run as manager for installing Maryfi to your Windows 7 computer, you require to make some setups to your new Gain access to point and your Web link you want to share. Please start MaryFi by right click and run as administrator.

Wi-Fi Setup :

By default Wi-Fi Call (SSID) is Maryfi as well as password is12345678, you might alter these settings by just going into the new worths right into the pertinent textboxes and also when clicking start hotspot/stop hotspot new setups will be saved.

Internet Connection Setups :

In 2024, Maryfi download allows you to make a virtual Wi-Fi that others can obtain attached to and obtain access to Shared Folders (Offline Setting), as well as to make it possible for Web Connection Sharing to the Customers of your hotspot you need to do some adjustments to your Internet link whether it’s a DSL Connection, 3G Mobile Internet and even an additional Wi-Fi network. To Allow Connection Sharing click on the Sight Network Links to Setup Internet Sharing button in the Maryfi Interface.

Download FREE Maryfi 2024 for Windows


Maryfi English Edition download File Details for 2024 version

  1. FILE NAME: Maryfi-EN.exe.
  2. FILE SIZE: 2170291 bytes.
  3. FILE TYPE: PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows.
  4. MD5 : 8710483aed323ef33de1ddd3364c08c3.
  5. SHA1 : 931dfa2fa5c7b0de5b4182757c6d552553801721.
  6. CRC32 : 11294985.
  7. YARA : shellcode – Matched shellcode byte patterns.

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