Download LightShot Latest Version 2024 FREE

Download LightShot Latest Version 2024 FREE for fastest way to take a customizable screenshot on Windows PC.

Download LightShot Latest Version 2024 FREE

Download Information – LightShot FREE Screenshot 2024

LightShot is screen capture or screen recording software. So LightShot takes instant photos or captures your screen as needed. This software allows you to take screenshots faster and of course easier.

No need to open Paint or any other program. With LightShot FREE download you can do it all in the blink of an eye in 2024. You can then save it for quick use when you need it. LightShot is available for devices using the Windows operating system.

LightShot 2024 latest version is widely download around the world. With just two clicks, you can take screenshots or screenshots instantly on your PC or laptop. Apart from that, you can also easily edit your screenshots. It is very useful and one of the best software for screen recording.

Lightshot – Feature

  • A quick screenshot of the selected area: The lightshot allows you to select any area on your desktop and take a screenshot with just two clicks of a button.
  • Easy-to-use applications: A simple and intuitive user interface makes working with the app easier and faster.
  • Share screenshots on the Internet: Upload your screenshot to our server and get a short link instantly.
  • Powerful editor: Edit the screenshots you take or edit them later with LightShot powerful online editor.
  • Find similar images: Select any image on your screen and discover dozens of similar images.


  • I assume download and install LightShot FREE 2024 is the best choose. It’s very easy to use, appropriate convenient to share, and has editing tools to support it as well.
  • The important part is that you can highlight text and images when taking pictures. You can save or copy as needed.
  • Another amazing feature is the hotkey feature that allows you to set your own shortcuts to take screenshots instantly and easily.


  • It may be my gear, but occasionally the app is missing and I often accept to download it.
  • Occasionally, keyboard shortcuts disappear. If so, you’ll need to enable it from the system icon.
  • Uncertainty in uploaded screenshots as anyone can easily follow them.

LightShot Download Latest Version 2024 FREE



Platforms supports

Lightshot is available for Windows 12, Windows 11, Windows 10, MacOS Ventura, Monterey, BigSur, Chrome, Firefox, IE and also Opera Browser.

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