Download IceCream Image Resizer 2024 FREE

Download IceCream Image Resizer for FREE 2024 version and resize multiple photos at once on Windows PC with Icecream Apps. With IceCream Image Resizer Download you can batch resize images in a single click and add a watermark, then resize images of any size! JPG, PNG and other formats are supported.

Download IceCream Image Resizer 2024 FREE
IceCream Image Resizer FREE

Advantages & Features – IceCream Image Resizer

IceCream Image Resizer offers an interesting advantage to try, which you can use to reduce the actual size of the image file you want. However, without reducing the original quality of the image you choose. You can use and make good use of this need, especially when you have to send pictures in an e-mail, which are limited to 1-5 MB in size. So, you can reduce the image from its original size.

Moreover, IceCream Image Resizer supports many types of image formats, not only JPG. Well, interesting isn’t it? Here are some other interesting features that are interesting to discuss, if you are interested, here are other interesting advantages of IceCream Image Resizer.

Support Any Format

Support for more than one format, making IceCream Image Resizer widely used because of its flexibility. By Download software IceCream Image Resizer new edition 2024, you will be able to change the original size of the image, you can input images in JPG, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats.

Bulk Convert

Want to convert images more quickly and efficiently? Just use this one feature, with this feature you only need to mark the desired image, and the size conversion process will run massively and quickly.

Easy image resizing

With IceCream Image Resizer app download for 2024 FREE, you can drag and also drop the image you want to resize into the program window, select one of the size presets, and click the Resize Image button. It’s as easy as that.

IceCream Image Resizer Supports Windows 11

The IceCream Image Resizer download 2024 FREE is specially designed for Windows system. It supports all OS versions from XP to 11. Download and also enjoy FREE IceCream Image Resizer 2024 as the best Windows image customization on the market.

Crop Features

You can use this feature to determine an image according to its proportions, this will be very helpful for those of you who want to choose an image with the right size. For example, you want to use a self-image for your Instagram profile needs, so you can customize it so that it can be used on your Instagram account profile.

FREE Download IceCream Image Resizer 2024


What Best of IceCream Image Resizer

What else makes IceCream 2024 Download FREE is the best image resizer?

  • Size specification : Stack images to size for email, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. we have it all covered. However, you can always set the output dimensions manually.
  • Resize entire folder : Add files one by one or add an entire folder of photos to your free image retouching queue to maximize your productivity.
  • Add custom watermark – Photo Resizer to add your own logo on resized images. Protect your copyright or make your images look more professional.
  • Vertical image detection – Image Resizer detects tall images and automatically inverts their width and height settings.
  • Final size estimate – Check the estimated total size calculated for the selected preset before resizing the photo.
  • Output setting – Choose to save the resulting image to a specific folder or subfolder or overwrite the original file.