Download CCleaner Browser 2023 NEW Version

Download CCleaner Browser 2023 for your NEW Windows 11. Beside that, CCleaner Browser 2023 Download also supports Windows 10 / 7 / 8 32bit and 64-bit. This is fast browser and good install on your windows OS.

Download CCleaner Browser 2023 Download Latest Version
CCleaner Browser PC

CCleaner Browser 2023 – Preview

CCleaner Browser 2023 Download NEW is the quick, exclusive as well as secure web internet browser for your Windows COMPUTER, from the makers of CCleaner! Like your routine internet browser, but much faster as well as a lot more protected! Stops trackers as well as disguises your digital footprint, so your identification stays anonymous. Blocks frustrating ads because less to fill methods much faster searching.

Lightweight now uses less memory

The CCleaner Browse is free and We have actually supercharged the internet browser to give you an even faster searching experience. Tabs that you’re not using will be immediately put on hold in the background relying on your computer’s readily available memory.

Why? Due to the fact that we have actually located it can minimize the amount of CPU and also RAM the internet browser uses by as high as 50%. You can manage these settings from the Performance Supervisor section in the internet browser setups web page with CCleaner Browser.

Extend your battery life

Your browser can usually be a drainpipe on your laptop computer battery. We’ve dealt with some creative tweaks under the hood to make certain our browser utilizes less CPU as well as RAM when you’re running low on battery. This can extend your battery life as much as 20 %, which implies you will not need to reach for that charging cord as typically. The settings to expand the battery life can be handled from the Efficiency Manager area in the web browser settings web page.

Anti Fingerprinting – CCleaner Browser for Windows 10

Web sites and also advertisement networks are getting smarter. As opposed to counting solely on cookies and your IP address to determine you. They’re likewise using your one-of-a-kind web browser arrangement to keep tabs on you. Anti-Fingerprinting hides your browser information from websites to assist shield your privacy and also restriction online monitoring.

Download CCleaner Browser 2023 Latest Version

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OS Requirements for Download CCleaner Browser 2023

  1. Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (32-bit, 64-bit).
  2. Windows XP (32-bit, 64-bit, SP2 or later), (.NET 4 required for Endpoint Agent and Management Console).
  3. Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 (32-bit, 64-bit).