Download Capture One 2024 (NEW Version)

THe Capture One 2024 for Windows is provided for free download on our website. You must download the latest version for this year (2024) of Capture One free trial first that support for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 32-64 bit.

Capture One
Capture One

Capture One 2024 – Review

The NEW Capture One is a software for editing photos, developed by Phase One. In addition to photo editing, Capture One can also catalog images or photos, processing raw image files. Capture One works with raw files from a variety of different digital cameras as well as TIFF, PSD and JPEG image files.

Capture One latest update was redesigned on some key everyday features and added another potential way to create masks. You can enjoy the smoothest workflow yet with NEW Capture One 2024 download.

How to Download 2024 NEW Capture One Free Trial Version?

Like Capture One 21, the Capture One 22 is also provided for Free Download Trial 30 Days version and Pro version. If you want to get free trial version, you need to :

Register a capture one account.

Open registered Mail.

Verify Capture One Account.

Start Download Automatically Capture One 22 latest version 2024 after account is verified.

Capture One updates history in the last three years

  • Capture One 12 released on November 2018 with the following new feature : Luminosity Mask, Linear Gradient Mask, Radial Gradient Mask, Plug-in Capabilities, Fujifilm Film Simulations.
  • Capture One 20 released on December 2019 with the following new feature : Healing tool, Basic Color Editor, High Dynamic Range Tool, improved noise reduction, scrolling tools, improved Crop Tool, support for DNG files, support for copying layers and masks, interface improvements, image culling tools and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Capture One 21 released on December 2020 with the following new feature : Speed Edits, Dehaze tool, ProStandard ICC profiles, revamped importer, easy brush adjustments, Leica tethering, HEIF file support.
  • Free Trial Download Capture One 22 released on 2024 with the following new feature : ??

Capture One New Feature explanation

  • Magic brush : Quickly create complex masks. Simply create the scribble areas you want to cover using the Magic Brush, and Capture One will do the rest for you. and will produce a precise and smooth mask for total accuracy.
  • Style Brushes : With this brush feature you can make edits anywhere without having to create layers manually.
  • Dehaze :  With Dehaze you can remove haze and reduce flatness in your photos in one slider. And automatically adjusts contrast, saturation.
  • ProStandard Profiles : Stay true to real life that can preserve original colors and protecting hues from changes caused by contrast.
  • HEIC support : You can edit photos from many devices included your Apple.

Great 2024 Import viewer, the Capture One download allows you to view large images and separate them directly in the Importer. The Capture One Speed ​​Edit can revolutionize how fast you can edit photos. You don’t have to touch the slider on the interface and just hold down the selected hot key and scroll, drag, or use the arrow keys to make quick edits. You can even adjust multiple photos at once for the fastest batch editing.

Download Capture One 2024 latest version for Windows

Download FREE Capture One

Windows System Requirements for Download Capture One 2024

Intel or AMD CPU with 2 cores; 8 GB of RAM; 10 GB of free hard disk space; Calibrated monitor with 1280 x 800, 24-bit resolution at 96 dpi; Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 11.; Download Capture One 2024 supports for Windows 10 for builds supporting .NET;

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