Download 1DM APK 2024 (Browser & Downloader)

Download 1DM APK 2024 for browsing and also downloading appication for your android. The 1DM APK files supports for all android operating system (Latest and older version).

Download 1DM APK 2024 (Browser & Downloader)

Features and Highlights – 1DM

Now there is a downloader app as well that is available for smartphone users. The application we are going to discuss now is 1DM. For how it works itself is not much different from Internet Download Manager.

However, 1DM has some differences. For example, you can not only download files through a link from a website. By install APK 1DM 2024 you can also download files from Torrents. This application also has a display that is easy to understand so it will not make it difficult for you.

Currently, 1DM APK 2024 has been download by more than 100 thousand people. As for the rating itself, it reached 4.9 out of a total of 5 stars. This shows that the quality of 1DM is indeed not in doubt. Some of the features of 1DM include:

  • 1DM maximizes the download process. So the time it takes to download the file becomes shorter. Very useful for downloading large files.
  • Already supports HTTP Website Live Streaming.
  • 1DM supports more than 20 languages. So it makes it easy for anyone who wants to use 1DM+.
  • There are Pause and Resume features. You can give a pause to the file you downloaded then you can resume it again.
  • The downloading process does not stop even if your app is closed.
  • 1DM provides smart download files feature.
  • You can also hide your downloaded files from others.
  • Supports multiple browsers, including your smartphone’s built-in browser.
  • You can also limit the download speed by utilizing the speed limiter feature.

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