FREE Download BootRacer 2024 Latest Version

The BootRacer Boot Time Monitor & Startup is free download for 2024 and supports Windows 11, Windows 10 /Windows 8 / 8.1/ Windows 7/ Vista/ XP /2003 /2000 (32 and 64 bit).

FREE Download BootRacer 2024 Latest Version

Download Information – BootRacer Free 2024 Boot Time Monitor?

BootRacer is a Free System Utilities software for Windows developed by Greatis Software. The BootRacer is a small, free utility which solves a problem that for the last twenty years, Microsoft has not. BootRacer is an easy to use software and best utility to monitor the Windows PC OS boot time and controlling startup.

The BootRacer also can exclude a user password timeout time from the calculated total. After I tested on Windows 10, you can find the BootRacer Free on official greatis website with secure and fast download. You can look below that the BootRacer Free works on Windows 10 Pro 64bit as well. But if you want to get full features of BootRacer you can purchase BootRacer PREMIUM version on Greatis Software.

FREE Download BootRacer 2024

What New of BootRacer? BootRacer latest version download will release on 2024 presented with :

  1. New Design, theme support, scaling.
  2. Bugs fixing.

How to Remove BootRacer Software from Windows PC?

To remove or uninstall BootRacer on Windows can do by using two options :

Uninstall BootRacer using Control Panel > Programs > Programs Features > Choose Bootracer > Right Click > Unsinstall.

Uninstall BootRacer using windows control panel have three options :

  1. Uninstall but leave setting and logs, but remove files.
  2. Uninstall but complete cleanup (delete all).
  3. Uninstall bootracer but remove only BootRacer’s Setting and log files.

Uninstall BootRacer using BootRacer Uninstall utility, you can download the Bootracer new 2024 version and Uninstall utility on Red Button below :

FREE Download BootRacer 2024 for Windows


BootRacer Uninstall

System Requirements for BootRacer for Download BootRacer 2024

  1. Windows 10 /Windows 8 / 8.1/ Windows 7/ Vista/ XP /2003 /2000 (32 and 64 bit), All Windows Server Version.
  2. You need 40 MB amount of disk space.

Good :

  1. BootRacer is a powerful system utility tool for monitoring PC health over a long period of time, however it doesn’t improve PC performance.
  2. Easy to install and use
  3. Free for non commercial use
  4. Detailed history reports on past start-up times.
  5. BootRacer reduces stress caused by waiting.
  6. Quick Look.
  7. BootRacer automatically blocks Malware / Adware / Spyware programs at startup.
  8. Ready? Good to Go!.
  9. Worldwide Ranking.

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