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3 Ways to Remove a Printer on Windows 11

3 Ways to Remove a Printer on Windows 11 topic is very important information to share. As you remove unnecessary apps and data to save space and reduce redundancy, outdated information about printers and other hardware should also be removed from the Windows operating system regularly. Even if the printer has not been connected to a computer for a long time, information about the configuration from previous connections will be present in the system to facilitate future connections.

It’s never a good idea to have outdated printer drivers or abandoned registry keys on your system, especially for system maintenance reasons. It can also disconnect other similar connections that have been created. For all these reasons and more, it’s a good idea to completely remove unnecessary printer entries from Windows 11. This guide will show you how to do that, and how to fix your printer if it won’t go away.

To completely remove the printer, he has to do two things: remove the printer itself and then remove the driver. There are several ways to do this in Windows 11.

3 Ways to Remove a Printer on Windows 11

Method 1 : Remove Printer From Windows 11 Settings

Probably the most common method, printers can be easily removed from the Windows Settings app. How to continue:

Press Win+I to open Settings. Then click Bluetooth & Devices in the left pane.

Right-click Printers & Scanners.

Then Click on the printer that you want to uninstall and then remove.

Method 2: Remove the printer driver using Device Manager.

Device Manager lets you manage and remove device drivers in Windows. Here’s how to use it to remove a printer’s driver:

Right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager. See picture above.

Then, Expand the Print queues branch.

Right-click on your printer and select Uninstall device. When prompted, click Uninstall.

Method 3: Using Windows Tools (or Print Management)

The native Windows Tools app can let you delete drivers related to your printer as well. Here’s how to go about it:

Press Start, type windows tools, and hit Enter.

Once it opens, double-click on Print Management.

This will open the “Print Management” window. You can also open the Print Management window by searching for it in the Start Menu.

Then, Once it opens, click on All Drivers (under Custom Filters) in the left pane.

Find the printer whose drivers you want to remove, then right-click on it and select Remove Driver Package.

When prompted, click Yes.

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