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How To Uninstall Avast That Cannot Be Removed

How To Uninstall Avast That Cannot Be Removed
How To Uninstall Avast Setup

How To Uninstall Avast Antivirus That Cannot Be Removed | Avast itself is an antivirus that is quite popular in the world. Almost every computer device in this world uses this antivirus. Avast is an antivirus developed by the Alwil Software company located in Prague, the Czech Republic, a country in Europe.

How To Uninstall Avast That Cannot Be Removed Clean

Antivirus Avast itself is supported by a community of 400 million members spread throughout the world. Besides running on PCs with Windows OS, Avast also runs on mobile applications with the Android Operating System. Based on the exposure of the official website, Avast already has security that can repeat the Ransomware virus that was once crowded in the world because this virus can attack data on a computer and encrypt it.

Some of the advantages offered by the free version of Avast Antivirus are increasing security levels with real-time protection, intelligent threat detection, and additional security for networks, passwords, and browsers. Besides that, Avast is easy to install and use. Avast also claims that no other free antivirus can match it.

In addition to having many advantages, Avast’s antivirus cannot be separated from the shortcomings that make users feel uncomfortable. Here are some things you might need to pay attention to when using this antivirus before you use it. Do not until after you use it, you are looking for ways how to uninstall Avast anti virus on Windows.

But there are also many users who prefer to uninstall Avast Anti virus on Windows for various reasons. Maybe one of them is they are more comfortable using the default antivirus provided by Windows (Windows Defender) and not too many notifications like Avast.

How To Uninstall Avast That Cannot Be Removed Clean on Windows 7 64 bit, Sometimes AVast antivirus cannot be uninstalled easily. Need special handling to completely uninstall this application. Additional programs are needed that are used to uninstall Avast because by default the control panel cannot be uninstalled.

The steps How to uninstall Avast are as follows:

  • Download avastclear.exe to your desktop, it can be downloaded via the following ling avascular
  • Run Windows in safe mode (Safe Mode)
  • Run the uninstall-installation utility application that you downloaded earlier
  • If you install Avast in another folder, not the default folder, find that folder (Remember, the contents of the folder you selected will be deleted)
  • Click the DELETE button that appears on the application
  • Finally, Restart your computer and Avast has been uninstalled from your PC.

Hopefully with this article you can understand about this How uninstall antivirus avast on Windows 10. Please understand the contents of this article well before you install Avast antivirus on computers and laptops. This antivirus is very light to use on your computer.

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