Download Stable MIUI 14 Reaches Xiaomi 12 Phones Outside China

Download Stable MIUI 14 Reaches Xiaomi 12 Phones Outside China. The platoon behind MIUI 14 streamlined the system armature on the Android Kernel position with CPU, GPU and memory resource scheduling, lighter system firmware size and dropped memory operation. Xiaomi claims MIUI 14 runs 60 smoother compared to its precursor on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

Download Stable MIUI 14 Reaches Xiaomi 12 Phones Outside China
Stable MIUI 14 Reaches Xiaomi 12 Phones Globally

Other neat optimizations include automatic contraction for apps that aren’t laboriously used and a toggle to turn off endless announcements. Only eight system apps can not be uninstalled which is a major vault from once MIUI releases.

Stable MIUI 14 – Design & Features

MIUI 14’s design features customizable flyers with normal and large icons and new contrivance options with colorful shapes and sizes. One of the further unanticipated new additions in MUI 14 are the flowers and faves contraptions which are amped Tamagotchi- suchlike characters that live on your home screen.

MIUI 14 also brings duplicated train junction and bettered textbook recognition and birth from images in the gallery. sequestration is also caught with end- to- end encryption and original on- device processing of stoner data.

MIUI 14 also has a new toggle in the control center that lets you assign Xiaomi accessories like wireless earbuds between Xiaomi bias via drag and drop. This point will remove the hassle of pairing earbuds to other bias.

The new family account function lets you partake your prints and pall subscription services with over to 9 people. druggies can also partake their health shadowing data from their smartwatch to help with the health shadowing of family members.

Improved System Architecture

The MIUI 14 was blazoned a month agone and incontinently reached some Xiaomi smartphones in China. Now everyone can download a stable version of MIUI 14 global interpretation is also out, and Xiaomi 12 flagships are the first to get it. The new stoner interface is grounded on Android 13 and brings the rearmost January 2024 security update.

The stable interpretation for Xiaomi 12 phones outside China is presently available for druggies who were on the beta channel. Stable MIUI 14 requires a download of around 4.43 GB. The full interpretation number is MIUI14.0.2.0( TLCMIXM) and is only for Xiaomi 12 and not the Pro variant.

The update in only available over the line for now, but formerly early catcalls report there are no major issues, Xiaomi should start pushing the new stoner interface to a broader stoner base with a simple announcement and OTA download.

Stable MIUI 14 Download for Xiaomi 12 Phones Outside China


Installation Guide – MIUI 14 Stable Global & EEA

Recovery mode

  • Rename the downloaded file to “”And move it to the root directory of the memory in the smartphone.
  • Restart the smartphone in recovery mode.
  • Scrolling with the volume keys and select the option “Install”By pressing the Power button.
  • Install it and choose “reboot”In case it doesn’t restart by itself.

Fastboot mode

  • Download MiFlash Tool, extract the archive and install the software.
  • Restart the smartphone in Fastboot mode: to do this, press and hold the Power and Volume Down key for a few seconds when turned off.
  • Connect the smartphone to the PC.
  • Start MiFlash Tool, click on “Select”And select the folder”firmware”In the Fastboot ROM folder.
  • Click on “clean all”, Set next to”flash_all.bat”And then on”Flash”At the top right to start the installation.