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Download AIMP APK 2024 for Android FREE!

The AIMP APK for Android also a free 2024 multimedia player download on android operating system like AIMP for Mobile. The function between AIMP android and Windows is same at all.

You can Download AIMP APK 2024 for mobile that supports for all android platforms like Android 11.0, 10.0, 8.0 and android older version. Get AIMP APK file on download button below…!!!

Download AIMP APK 2024 for Android FREE!

Download Information – AIMP 2024 APK

The latest version Download of AIMP APK will release on 2024. See what new of this version below : 

  • General: action list for gestures has been extended with few new commands.
  • General: appearance of settings dialog has been improved.
  • General: night mode – an ability to specify night time manually.
  • General: night mode – support for system settings for night mode.
  • General: support for external file providers.
  • General: support for otg-drives.
  • Bookmarks: added search support.
  • Bookmarks: an ability to create auto-bookmarks for files.
  • Bookmarks: an ability to edit bookmark’s time.
  • Bookmarks: new auto-catch behavior for files and playlists.
  • Bookmarks: now all bookmarks grouped by a track.
  • Player: album art file size limitation has been removed.
  • Playlist: an ability to copy / move selected files to specified folder.
  • Playlist: an ability to specify default sorting and grouping templates.
  • Playlist: an ability to suspend user queue.
  • Playlist: support for the PLS file format.

Download AIMP APK 2024 for Android FREE! Latest Version


Feature Download of AIMP 2024 for Android APK FREE!

  • AIMP Multi-format Playback feature support for the following audio formats : .APE, .MP3, .WAV, .OGG, .MPGA, .UMX, .MOD, .MO3, .WV .IT, .S3M, .MTM, .XM, .FLAC, .MP4, .M4A, .M4B, .MPC, .AAC, .OPUS, .DSF, .DFF, .TTA, .WEBM
  • AIMP Output Device Settings features able to :  use the OpenSL or AudioTrack output methods, select output sampling rate, change behavior on lose audio focus.
  • AIMP Support for multi-channels audio able to down mix multi-channels audio files to stereo and down mix audio files to mono (optional).
  • AIMP Internet radio support features can Links to audio stream or playlist in PLS / M3U formats are supported
  • AIMP Album art features support from tags / from file folder / from the Internet. 
  • An ability to register playing track as ringtone from player
    Following formats are supported: .MP3, .FLAC, .AAC, .WAV, .OPUS, .OGG, .M4A
  • Android Auto support
  • CUE Sheets support
  • AIMP Windows networks support lets you to listen your music from shared folder in your network.
  • User defined playback queue and bookmarks features allows you to override playback order without changes in playlist.
  • Normal and shuffled playback.
  • An ability to repeat playlist / track / playback without repeating.
  • An ability to play music from File Managers.
  • Cross-fading feature (optionally).
  • An ability to control playback from notification area.
  • An ability to control playback via Headset.
  • An ability to switch the tracks via volume buttons (optional).
  • Multi-language interface.
  • Integration with standard lock screen.
  • Widget for the desktop.
  • Widget for the lock screen.

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