AOMEI Partition Assistant

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AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows 10/8/7

The AOMEI Partition Assistant is a Free Partition Manager Software for all  Windows platforms like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista (Support 32 bit & 64 bit).

AOMEI Partition Assistant 2021 for Windows 10/8/7

Resize Partition

AOMEI Partition Assistant – Review & Rating

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard for Windows is free disk partition software, which has earned its reputation among users worldwide. AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows 10 and all windows comes with so many powerful features that allows you to completely control your hard disk and partitions. For example, the “Resize Partition” enables you to increase partition size to solve low disk space problems, or shrink partition size to make partition size more reasonable. You can flexibly manage disk space with Create Partition, Merge Partitions, Delete Partition, Format Partition and also Copy Partition.

What New ?

The lates version is version 8.9 that release on August 14, 2020. On the new version of AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows are :

  1. System cannot boot after converting disk between MBR and GPT under Native mode (Fixed).
  2. System cannot boot due to disk cloning FIXED).
  3. Optimized installation interface.
  4. Optimized some prompt texts.

Main Features

  1. Resize/Move Partition: Change partition size without losing data
  2. Extend Partition Wizard: Extend NTFS partition without restarting PC.
  3. Allocate Free Space: Move free space from one partition to others.
  4. Merge Partitions: Merge two adjacent partitions into one.
  5. Split Partition: Split a big partition into two small one.
  6. Create Partition: Make a new partition to store various data.
  7. Delete Partition: Delete unnecessary and useless partition.
  8. Format Partition: Change file system and empty all data.
  9. System Migration: Migrate system to solid-state drive (SSD).
  10. Copy Disk: Clone a disk from one to another.
  11. Copy Partition: Clone a partition to other location.
  12. Dynamic to Basic Disk Conversion: Convert dynamic disk to basic without losing data.
  13. MBR and GPT Conversion: Convert between MBR disk and GPT disk without loss of data.
  14. NTFS and FAT32 Conversion: Convert NTFS to FAT32 partition with no data loss and vice versa.
  15. Primary and Logical Conversion: Convert between primary partition and logical partition safely
  16. Create Bootable DiscCreate Windows PE bootable media without having to install AIK/WAIK.
  17. Windows To Go Creator: Install Windows 10/8 to a USB flash drive or a removable disk.

Most Often Use Partition Assistant

  1. Convert GPT/MBR Disk.
  2. Wipe Disk or Wipe Partition.
  3. Bad Sector Check.
  4. Partition Check.

The AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows 10/8/7 also can helps you to :

  1. Change Drive Letter.
  2. Hide/Unhide Partition.
  3. Make as Active Partition.
  4. Rebuild MBR.
  5. Initialize Disk.

Recommendations :

You can not access all features on Free version of AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows. If you want to get full features of the software please get license of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional version.

AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows Free Download

File systems Compatible :

  1. NTFS.
  2. FAT32/FAT16/FAT12.
  3. exFAT/ReFS.
  4. Ext2/Ext3/Ext4.
  5. Bitlocker.

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